An art collection of 25 GIFs as a NFT advent calendar as well as a solo exhibition unfolding on the blockchain.

From 1 December leading up to Christmas Eve, advent doors are minted on the Ethereum blockchain to reveal a new GIF created by Canadian new media artist Lorna Mills. Every day a new art work will be minted as a NFT in an edition of 240. Some of the art will be given away as gifts, most will be offered for sale. And some – those which won't find an owner – will be burned after Christmas Eve. The final edition size for each door is establishe by burning all unminted GIFs. The ashes of all burned tokens will resurrect in form of a special edition token minted on 25 December.

︎︎︎ Roehrs & Boetsch Gallery

A collboration with Nina Roehrs and Lorna Mills, 2020