SHIFT is a media art digital workwear rental platform that explores economies of human labor by creating a seamless and integrated IRL/URL experience of corporate attire and its wearer.

SHIFT reflects notions of work as a «product» of labor and work as an «act» of labor performed by both machines and humans. It leverages virtual space environments and Web3 practices of monetization in a quest of establishing the value of work.



A collboration with Swiss artist Géraldine Honauer, 2023-24

Propelling new vehicles for community building, shared values, and  stewardship in the digital age.

The House of Electronic Arts (HEK) in Basel is Switzerland’s center of competence for new media art and technologies. The launch of its own decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) called «Friends of HEK» makes it the first museum ever to adopt tokenized membership and blockchain-based community governance. With the integration of a curated NFT editions programme and public Web3 educational formats, the institution underpins its commitment to explore and experiment at the forefront of digital culture.

︎︎︎Friends of HEK

︎︎︎HEK editions

A collaboration with the House of Electronic Arts Basel, including project development and advisory within the context of the publicly funded project «HEK Connect – cultural participation in the age of a decentralized Internet», 2022-23

A memento token of a quarter of a minute of permanence on the Internet of Value.

ColorHueState is an unlimited onchain SVG image generator rendering the heartbeat of the Ethereum blockchain. Each hash of the current block height is materialized into a chromatic hex code composition of four concentric rings encompassing the RGB color space. The project interprets the incessant cadences in decentralized technologies as unique mintable artworks.
Go and mint a permament photograph of trust as an NFT. Then give it as a gift to your loved ones or just be world-famous for 15 seconds.


A collboration with German artist Jurgen Ostahild, 2023

Digital Self meets Web3 – An exploration of the intricacies of self portraiture at the intersection of art, technology and economics.

Notions of identity and self-representation in the digital realm opened up a vast array of shapes and forms. Fuelled by inherent incentive mechanisms of social networks the virtual Self is barely self-directed, instead it requires human or non-human peers to shape it. A performance of self-commodification that eventually leads to dehumanise the Self into a figure that merely hints a human representation.


A collboration with Brigitte Fässler, Martina Graf, Matthias Pfäffli and Julian Humm, 2019-20

21 architecture students planning 21 bank heists for eventually selling the plans to the banks and make some money.

...might sound like a post-adolescent prank. But it’s not – of course not. Such an endeavor requires all the core competencies of an architect.

︎︎︎We Make Money Not Art

︎︎︎Blasbichlers Twentyone Book

Design research course in the MA programme at Innsbruck University, Department of Design/ studio 1, 2010